Shareworking Principle

Shareworking is a community-based principle of sharing idea, work, experiences and preferably designed to refer other's potential and get involved into the decentralised compensation scheme using the PiplCoin cryptocurrency.

PiplCoin (PIPL) cryptocurrency is supporting and at the same time is supported by the activities on where members are actually promoting, sharing and referring their talents, needs and potential.

The "invitation" (referral link) is a starting point for new member's education to use platforms correctly and responsible to all community, therefore it is mandatory to follow and respect norms and principles, explained in this protocol.

Shareworking Community invitation (referral link) norms and principles:

  • To member who invite (sent own referral link) to recipient (and he or she later, through received referral link successfully create PiplShare wallet address), belongs level commissions (6%, 4%, 2%) according to community structure unilevel referral plan (8 x 3) and also referral commissions (12%) .
  • The invitation (referral link) recipient who successfully create PiplShare wallet address (starting with Gx....) which is actually a digital identity, shown on public ledger, is obligated to agree with this protocol provisions, clearly understand and also accept all responsibility for correct presentation, education and use of PiplShare platform.
  • Correct explanation and presentation of idea, principles, terms an conditions of Shareworking Community is crucial for new member because they must freely choose whether to create a PiplShare wallet address or not.
  • Users which are sharing the invitation (referral link) on a public way takes all responsibility to correctly explain and present idea, principles, terms an conditions of Shareworking Community and also to solely provide appropriate referral support through member's back-office interface.
  • The Shareworking Community DAO voting body has power to sanction each flagged user who violate community principles and values, shows suspicious behaviour which indicates harming. Shareworking Community DAO decision is final. Sanction can be disabling violator's invitation (referral link ) feature - if necessary on all connected wallet addresses. Shareworking Community DAO has a power to freeze or even subtract balances in that wallet addresses.
  • Shareworking Community encourage members to share their user experience and how they see it but at the same time to explain solely their view and not Shareworking Community official release.

This protocol is valid from March 3rd, 2021.


Shareworking Community